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This is where we can showcase some of the modifications to our vehicles for
enjoyment and education.
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Scott Poliseno


Custom Tire Carrier

New Wiring Harness

Custom Wood Dash

Wiring Project:  "New wiring harness for our 74 Jeep CJ5"    (continued from the archives)

     In addition to the new wiring harness we added a set of 4 Autometer liquid filled guages to give the vitals to the driver.  First we had to rip out all of the old wiring and boy was that fun.  We discovered the previous owner must have gotten a deal on some pre insulated wiring which held 4 wires.  There were 3 or 4 of these run throughout the truck and in each instance only 1 of the 4 wires were being used.  The rest were simply cut.  I have always found that on any project removing is always a little easier than putting back together.  So several hours later the Jeep was wireless.

     The kit comes with several sheets of paper and is broken down into seperate "mini" kits.  The instructions were very easy to read and we began running and trimming wire.  Remember we needed to make some custom modifications so we chose the kit that is less costly but requires all of the looming and trim work to the wires.  If you would like to simply remove all of your old wiring and slap in the new kit and your Jeep is stock then no problem.  Painless Wiring and 4 Wheel Drive Hardware have the kit for you.  I believe the pre-built kit could be installed in a day after completing this project.

     After attempting many different projects on vehicles of my own and others, I have realized that it is rare that several runs to the part store are normal.  If you can believe it this project was different.  I made 2 runs to the part store, 1 for a few more wiring ends, and the 2nd for some split loom.  That is it.  I had 99% of the wiring installed within a 24 hour period.  I could not have asked for a better product and would recommend this harness to anyone without a computer controlled Jeep CJ.  

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